Nora Kehoe, a Marine officer, returns from Afghanistan, where she has participated unknowingly in an atrocity.  She pulls her life together, gets married, becomes the mother of three, and one Christmas, while at a local mall, her family is murdered along with more than a hundred other people by a person using an assault rifle.  Nora feels that she has died and been reincarnated as a Fury. She proceeds to hunt down and kill all those she believes were complicit in putting that assault rifle in the hands of the killer: the gun store owner, the manufacturer, various politicians and lobbyists—a lot of people. While she does this, she visits the members of her old team in Afghanistan and tries to stay out of the grip of the FBI, which has a major task force assigned to hunt down the killer. On the FBI’s task force is Nora’s sister. I wrote this book more quickly than I’ve ever written a novel—under six months—started just after the Parkland school shootings. I’ve spent a lot of my writing life describing violence done by women and this will be the end of that.