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They say ‘write what you know’ but I never wrote anything about anyone who writes thrillers for a living until I wrote this one. The hero of THE LONG CON is a successful thriller writer who writes about a female sleuth, an academic with a dog named Bingo. The writer, Bernard, also has a dog (but named Murtagh). Bernard’s wife gets murdered on the New York subway, after which Bernard goes a little batty and starts talking to the dog. Who answers. Later, Bernard meets a beautiful woman named Marvel and they become friends. She knows a famous film director and she arranges for him to meet the guy and the director says he loves Bernard’s work and wants to make a series of films based on the Bingo thrillers. What happens after that is why you need to read the book. It’s set largely in Hawaii and has a lot of stuff about kite surfing and high-end dog training. And psychics. This also involves writing about what I know, but since the book didn’t find a publisher, maybe that was always bad advice.